Complexity Science in the 21 Century: The Dream

The changes in the social, physical and artifact environment constitute a serious stress on the conditions of functioning of humans. The orders of magnitude increase in the speed, quantity and diversity of novelty emergence raised the challenges to the human condition to a strategical level. Along with the negative influences on the capability to meet our subjective needs those changes bring new tools to achieve capabilities that the humans did not enjoy until now. One way or another our humanity as defined by ages of natural, social and cultural evolution is undergoing currently fast revolutionary change. Can we turn the tables on it and make it into an opportunity to turns the humankind into a better kind?

Welcome to Complexity in Jerusalem 2008 September 10-19

This is a cluster of complexity activities that include the leading international complexity events and the leading international complexity organizations.

The randomness of our environment is the very source of our lives but also the potential source of confusion and death. Maintaining our identity in an ever-changing environment requires understanding and exploiting the potential of continuous changes small and very large, ubiquitous and very rare.
Sustainability becomes the name of the game: how to bridge over the stream of failures produced by the frequent adverse events using the leverage of the successes allowed by the rare beneficial ones. Life, society, humanity and the entire universe are the product of it. Sustainability is not stationarity nor stagnation.

The format of the Think Tank is a compromise between learned pre-design conferences and free-for-all open unstructured discussion. We will have talks of 40 minutes by leading authorities that will be followed by a free format round table. The talks will be interrupted after 15 minutes to allow for 5 minutes of comments and requests for clarifications from the other panel members. Thus , while maintaining in great lines the flow of the talk, the speaker will be able to adapt it to the frame of mind and reactions of the Think Tank colleagues.